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   Dear non existant-readers,
     I'M SO SO SO SORRY IM SUCH A DOUCHENUGGET! omigod i'm so sorry, guys. I've had so much going on lately that i haven't had time to get online at all. I feel horrible. So here is my update for this month!!!

     First off, whats been going on. So, I started my sophomore year in high school a few weeks ago. For those of you who didn't know, I was home schooled for freshmen year, so this is a big change. I like it, though. But I'm an insomniac, so its very hard to get up in the morning. I also have 9 people living in my house. one of which is my girlfriend, who also has a page here. She never checks it so theres no point in giving you the link. I also live with the cutest toddler i'v ever seen, my nephew Zeik. He's so smart, and cool. He's turning two this Wednesday. Its 9/22/14 now, monday, so in two days. He's really cute, and takes up a lot of my time with his Kwaii powers. I also have a limit on my computer usage now because of my sister. Two hours a day. so there is another reason why I'm not always on. Sorry again, guys.
     Update on my fan-fictions! So, I have the chapter-by-chapter series "The Demon Inside" and "Sabotage". I also have a few more ideas and Drabbles I'm currently...Dabbling in. So what i REALLY want to hear from you guys is what you want. Because I don't know what you guys like or what you don't like, so it would be great if you could give me a nudge in the right direction. My writing may be slower then it was, but i hope to check my Deviant Art page at LEAST once a week. So if you can send me a note, that would be great of you.
    OKay, I say this every time: I'm still in for RolePlaying. I have a Kik(BeyondLovesL), and we can also do it on notes(should be a 'send note' thing on the right top corner of my homepage here on Deviant Art). I'm also going to give you my phone number right here-541-771-6377. If you do text me, tell me your Deviant name and things. I am also here for any of you. This is anonymous, and I won't ask for your name. If you want to know my information, ask. But if you ask me, I'll ask you. Fair trade. So i'm here if you feel depressed, or just for someone to make you laugh. I'm here for ranting, and getting your feels out. or you can just text me because you think Misha Collins is adorable or something. Send me pictures of you animals. I like them allllll! Anything you need to talk about, or want to talk about, I'm here, and I never judge. Ever. It's a safe line, I promise. (but i prefere getting pictures from Kik, because my phone screen is really small and stupid...)
    Lastly, ADetectiveAndBlogger. Okay, so this is my other webpage. Nothing is up quite yet, because the camera I was going to use broke. Sorry. I've gotten a few notes asking what happened. I DID start a you Tube channel, but like I said, no camera. And i think what i'm gonna be doing on this channel is Song covers, Creepy pasta readings, Vlogs, Cosplay videos, and maybe even the occational game. So this will be an 'Every thing in one' sort of place, if things go my way. I do need a webcam, too, unfortunately. Which I can probably do all these things with the webcam, so I'll just get a really good webcam. If you have suggestions for what sort i should buy, that would be golden.
     Thank you non-existant readers for (not) reading, and I'll talk to you in my next update! Have a good one!
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  • Reading: Fanfictions.
  • Watching: My computer screen.
  • Playing: IFUNNY.
  • Eating: Eating? What is this food you speek of?
  • Drinking: energy drinks...


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SuperWhoLockian here. Misha is my role model. I take nothing seriously. Big Fan of Role Playing and SuperWhoLock! WHOO-HOO!



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hi babe, thanks for the fav. always good to hear from you xx
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I am embarrassingly late but thank you so much for the +watch, I really appreciate it! :tighthug:
I am finally getting more active on dA again so I hope I will have some new stuff up for you soon~ :la: Thanks again! :)
BeyondlovesL Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you. sorry for the late response. lot of sit going on.
1TerabyteOfNonsense Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
*twerks on your page again*
BeyondlovesL Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*Shoos away like your a bird*
1TerabyteOfNonsense Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014
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Well I have now xD
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